Create your very own music video – just like a rock star!

GroupAre you looking for a fun birthday party that is totally different than most? Music video parties by IncrediFlix are a great way to have a fun, unique party.

At IncrediFlix, we have found the keys to producing a good music video includes:

·         Get the birthday child involved early.  Let them pick a few songs they like and follow. Listen to those songs to narrow it down to one.  (We are happy to help with this process if you like.)  The goal is to find a song that is fun, energetic, and the topic is good for a video.

·         Once you have some song choices, review the lyrics.  This is Nikki & Jason Party_08easy; just Google the song and find a listing with the words to the song.  You can use sites like to help you find lyrics that you can print.  You may want to make sure the words are appropriate for your children’s video.

·         Print a copy of the words that you can use to practice for the video shoot.  Yes, you’ll want the kids to practice and know the words to the song. Be sure to tell the guests ahead of time so they can practice too.

·         Watch the performer’s actual video of the song, sometimes this helps.  It’s easy, just visit YouTube and do a search for the song title.  Then you can bring up the video to watch.  This will give you some ideas and will also serve to stimulate your ideas.

·         Get creative and use your imagination.  Again, get the kids involved by letting them come up with ideas and the flow of the video.

Claudia's Party_21·         Put the creative ideas into action with practice.  Spend some time before the party practicing the words and running through the video.  This practice also makes the entire process that much more fun – more smiles and laughter.

By following these simple ideas, your music video will go much smoother and be a great memory for many years to come.

Visit us a and check out our music video birthday party package.

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